Welcome! You have found your way to the blog of Dan Radke, recent graduate of Northwestern College, youth worker with Teens For Christ, and future seminary student. Thanks for spending a few moments to check out my blog! I hope you find it edifying and worth your time.

This blog will serve three main purposes:

  1. To publish my reflections and (insights?) on Scripture (the 66 books that make up the Christian Bible)
  2. To interact with and post reviews of books that in some sense relate to Scripture or theology
  3. To link to good Christian stuff that is available for FREE

Just so you know, there is no guarantee as to the frequency of my posts. Perhaps I will post 7 posts in one day. Or I will not post for over a week. In reality, somewhere in-between those two numbers will likely be how often I will post.

Also for your information: A good number of the books that I will be interacting with and/or writing reviews of will be ones that I received free in one way or another (e.g., the various Blogging for Books programs that exist). For me personally, the tasks of reading a book, analyzing its main themes, interacting with key points, summarizing the book as a whole, and offering a critique of it will be beneficial for me as I seek to understand contemporary theological trends and practice the skill of reading and writing. Be sure to check out the “About” tab above to learn more of who I am.

Thanks again for arriving here and reading thus far. Feel free to read other posts and comment on them.

Soli Deo Gloria