Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce a few updates to my blog. First, as I’m sure you have noticed by now, I have changed the template for my site to a Notepad theme. I was beginning to not like the dark, more complicated theme I had before. This new theme I’m hoping is simpler and easier on the eyes to read.

Second, I am happy to announce that I have added tags to all of my posts and plan to add them to future posts. Towards the bottom of the sidebar on the right you will find a “cloud” of the tags here on my blog. Basically, by using tags I allow you, the reader, to find posts on my blog that relate to a topic of interest to you. The types of tags are:

I invite you to explore the cloud of tags to your right to find a topic of interest to you! Also, if you have any suggestions for ways I can improve my blog or topics you would like me to cover in the future, do not hesitate to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!