Many of you have appreciated my occasional sharing of FREE Christian downloads (at least my blog stats tell me you do!). I have exciting news to share with you:

I have launched a one-stop site for FREE electronic Christian resources – eChristian Resources!

The idea for the site and blog goes back at least 5 years to 2008 when I ran a blog called Free Christian Music. My idea then was to share links to free and legal Christian songs “to aid people in their worship of God and to lead others to Christ through the truths conveyed in music.”

That vision has expanded to a wide assortment of FREE Christian resources that are available for download on the internet. Categories include:

  • eBooks (Kindle/NOOK/ePub/PDF)
  • Music
  • Audiobooks
  • Bible Software (Logos/WORDsearch/Olive Tree)
  • Christian Courses
  • Images
  • some physical Christian items
  • and more!

My purpose in creating this site is to expand the number of people who benefit from the free deals available. While a few people follow my blog here for the freebies, I imagine that others who have downloaded here do not follow because they’re not interested in my commentary on other matters. I understand this. I’ve never wanted my sharing free deals to be about me. So, I’ve launched eChristian Resources to be for anyone who desires electronic Christian freebies, regardless of whether they know me.

I truly believe that the Lord can and does work through the kinds of free offers I share. I’m excited to have a resource site that God can use to bring about spiritual fruit and maturity. Like I said earlier, this is a dream I’ve had for the past 5 years, and I’m so thankful the dream has finally become a reality!

Please spread the word about my new site! I want as many people as possible to benefit from what I share. It will be dedicated exclusively to free deals for the above mentioned categories and more.

If you come across a free deal you think I should include on my new site, please contact me here.

Changes to Dan’s Bible & Books Notebook:

Just so you know, I will still be posting here at this blog. I intend to continue to attempt to grasp the whole of Scripture and engage with Christian literature. If you have benefited from these types of posts, I invite you to continue to follow this blog.

If you have followed this blog primarily for the free Christian deals, then please follow eChristian Resources! I also invite you to like my new site on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

FYI, I will be deleting all the free Christian deals posts here at this blog. All of them have been transferred to my new site.

Thank you to all of you who have ever visited this blog! I am excited to continue to connect with you, whether here or at my new site.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Dan Radke