In His Own Words: Why Chris Norman Said No to the NFL

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A little over a week ago I shared a video testimony of a Michigan State University football team captain who is a Christian and who could have been drafted by the NFL, but chose instead to go to seminary. That man is Chris Norman and a few days ago he wrote a follow-up blog post to the video which gives further clarity into God’s leading in his life and further encouragement for us.

The part I appreciate the most is where he discusses how he discerned God’s will on this difficult question. He describes five steps for him that collectively gave him confidence that God was leading him to seminary, not the NFL. His thoughts on this are edifying to me. I also really appreciate that he affirms the legitimacy of football and Christians playing the sport to glorify God.

Check out, in his own words, why Chris Norman said No to the NFL.

If you missed the video from last week, be sure to watch it (it’s about 11 minutes & very well done).

Also, I encourage you to share the video (and Chris Norman’s own words) with any young Christian guy you know who plays football (or even other sports). It’s worth their time.

Drafted: Why Chris Norman Said No to the NFL


This is a powerful testimony for anyone who plays or likes football, or any other sports! In it, Norman is careful in what he says. He affirms that for some people, the NFL would be the way to go. And He also affirms that for those whom God has given platforms, they should use them for the glory of God. For Norman personally, he feels God’s call to go to seminary. And God has blessed him with an amazing opportunity to do so.

Such an excellent video! Watch it. Share it with other sports fans. And let me know your thoughts below.

And if you play any sports, conduct yourself in a way that gives glory to God as you do!

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